Why Smith & SAP?

With Smith, you tap into over a decade of SAP experience to solve your challenges and transform your business.

  1. End-to-End Commerce Services

    We’re a full-service agency, but strategy guides everything we do. So much more than systems integrator, our team is a collection of true SAP CX experts, who deliver award-winning outcomes by designing and developing high-performing buying experiences that stand apart from the competition. From generating awareness to guiding acquisition to growing trust and loyalty, our offerings map to every stage of the buyer journey.

  2. Tackling Complexity is our Specialty

    Complexity is inherent in today’s B2B, B2B2C, and B2C businesses. That’s where we come in. From operationalizing complex business processes to rescuing stalled SAP Commerce Cloud implementations we can help. We simplify the complex, base actions on data and strategy, and help businesses like yours get back to driving growth and innovation.

  3. We’re Outcome Oriented

    Whether backend – lower costs, mitigate error rates, lower TCO, or frontend – increase conversions, AOV, and CLTV – our SAP Center of Excellence brings together the collective experience of hundreds of engagements to help you achieve your desired results.

Smith’s team supports the full suite of SAP CRM and CX products, so the buyer’s journey can go from good to great

SAP CRM & Customer Experience Products

  • Commerce Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Customer Data Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud Implementation

If you’ve selected SAP Commerce Cloud as your go-forward solution, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you stand up the platform the right way, integrate it with your systems to create a cohesive tech ecosystem, and empower your internal teams and customers like never before.

SAP Commerce Cloud Migration

Whether you’re running a legacy on-prem instance or have fallen behind on your upgrade cycle, we can help you seamlessly migrate to the latest supported version of SAP Commerce Cloud, so your business can take advantage of the latest commerce innovations.

SAP Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Condense the complex process of quoting from hours or days to just minutes. We’ll help you deploy digital self-service configure, price, quote capabilities to increase sales and operational efficiency and capture sales without eroding margins.

SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP)

We’ll help you leverage the SAP Customer Data Platform to gain a clearer view of your customers individually and at the business level. We’ll not only ensure you remain in compliance with data regulations, we’ll tap into real-time customer insights to uncover opportunities and trends.

Ascend Composable Extension

Ascend, our composable extension for SAP Commerce Cloud enables you to take a giant leap towards a composable future with pre-built search and content integrations, leveraging leaders Coveo and Contentful.

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

With Emarsys, we’ll help you attract new customers and continually engage your loyal customer base. In tandem with our digital marketing expertise, you’ll get access to AI-powered insights and bring personalized, real-time engagement across campaigns.

Case Studies

Rob Miller

Connect with Rob Miller, Customer Growth Officer, to learn how our partnerships can help boost your commerce results.