It’s time for your SAP Commerce Cloud experiences to rise above the competition. Enable composable capabilities 50% faster with Ascend, an expedited go-to-market solution for future-ready composable commerce.

Support changing business rules, business expansion, and rapid iteration. With our pre-built IP, Ascend removes the barriers to going composable, reducing technical complexity and Capex requirements, while simplifying ongoing operations.

  • Pre-Composed Commerce – The Ascend SAP Commerce Cloud Composable Extension is pre-built to expedite go-live cycles and condense time-to-value. The proprietary IP behind Ascend allows businesses to take advantage of UI components, data models, integrations, and extension points with zero business disruption.
  • Coveo: Search that Converts – The Ascend extension comes pre-integrated with Coveo, enabling powerful search and personalization capabilities. From day one, businesses can take advantage of AI-powered Natural Language Processing to deliver intent-based search results and automate merchandising tasks. With the vast majority of B2B buyers utilizing search, integrating Coveo with SAP Commerce Cloud can yield immediate dividends.
  • Contentful: Powerful Content Platform – Contentful, the composable content platform, also comes pre-integrated as part of Ascend. Whether you operate one or many storefronts locally or globally, Contentful helps simplify cross-tool orchestration so your teams can work smarter and faster across channels. And because Ascend was created to serve the needs of SAP Commerce Cloud businesses, the shift to a composable content future can be done seamlessly without downtime.

Case Studies

Accommodate ever-growing product catalogs and high-volume transactions, while reigning in costs and creating operating efficiencies. With the Ascend SAP Commerce Cloud Composable Extension:

  • Take SAP Commerce Cloud composable in half the time
  • 0 operational disruption
  • Pre-built Contentful headless CMS integration
  • Pre-built Coveo Search integration
  • Infinitely extensible and scalable
  • Condense time to ROI

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“It is exciting to see innovative SAP partners like Smith develop solutions that augment the benefits of SAP’s hybrid composable commerce approach, through compressed launch cycles and faster time-to-value,”

Riad Hijal, Global Head of Solution Management, SAP Commerce Cloud
Rob Miller

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