Smith Debuts New Composable Commerce Solution Powered by SAP Commerce Cloud


Columbus, OH – Smith, the leading performance commerce agency, today announced the launch of the Performance Commerce Solution Set with their first release: Ascend SAP Commerce Cloud Composable Extension, an expedited go-to-market solution for future-ready composable commerce.

Bringing together the robust enterprise capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud with the AI-powered Relevance Cloud™ from Coveo and composable content platform from Contentful, the solution offers a new approach to commerce-driven digital experiences. The Ascend SAP Commerce Cloud Composable Extension gives businesses the unprecedented ability to deliver and scale immersive, personalized commerce experiences with the flexibility to extend and adapt the solution as needed to meet their business needs. With the pre-built IP behind the solution, businesses can expect to dramatically improve their customer’s experiences while launching these capabilities up to 50% faster.

“By starting with a composable architecture which prioritizes interoperability, we’ve paired three industry-leading technologies to create a commerce solution that is business-ready from day one but can be further modified to support changing business rules, business expansion, and rapid iteration,” said Ryan Heusinkveld, CTO at Smith.

The powerful SAP Commerce Cloud platform has long empowered businesses to address complex use cases, maintain ever-growing product catalogs, and handle high transaction volumes. By adding Contentful, businesses can enable their teams across an entire organization to work independently but in coordination, breaking down silos, to deliver timely, relevant, immersive experiences at scale across all channels. For those organizations already operating existing storefronts, the Ascend SAP Commerce Cloud Composable Extension enables Contentful integration with existing SAP Commerce Cloud instances with no operational disruption.

“We are pleased to team with Smith as they take a leadership role providing composable commerce solutions to SAP Commerce customers,” said Patrick Finn, VP of Channels & Alliances at Contentful. “Smith’s Ascend offering makes it easy for SAP Commerce customers to quickly start their composable journey.”

Layering in Coveo’s market-leading AI relevance platform, the Coveo Relevance Cloud™, deepens the customer experience to boost conversion and revenue. Using adaptive learning as users interact with the storefront, the relevance platform enables personalized 1:1 experiences. Natural Language Processing delivers intent-based search results, a must when nearly 90% of B2B site visits being with the search bar. The platform also automates merchandising tasks like managing product relationships to streamline operational efficiency and increase profitability.

“Composable commerce provides businesses with the best tools for the job,” said Brian McGlynn, GM of Commerce at Coveo. “By leveraging the Coveo Relevance Cloud™ AI platform to deliver search, personalization, recommendations and merchandising capabilities, brands can take advantage of more than a decade of AI experience helping brands personalize and drive profits through digital experiences. As an SAP Endorsed app and part of The Ascend SAP Commerce Cloud Composable Extension, brands can trust that they are choosing the right partner to deliver great customer experiences and impact business value.”

Combined The Ascend SAP Commerce Cloud Composable Extension enables businesses to go to market faster, without sacrificing functionality or performance.

“Businesses across all industries are starting to recognize the long-term value of composable commerce, but still struggle with barriers to adoption including higher upfront cost and increased complexity. It is exciting to see innovative SAP partners like Smith develop solutions that augment the benefits of SAP’s hybrid composable commerce approach, through compressed launch cycle and faster time-to-value,” said Riad Hijal, Global Head of Solution Management, SAP Commerce Cloud.

Learn more about an accelerated approach to composable commerce. Watch Meet the Composable Experts: What the Ascend Extension Can Do for You.


About Smith:

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