CPQ: Simplifying the Complex


Digitization, virtualization, and data syndication aren’t just opening up opportunities for your business. These advancements in digital commerce are also transforming customer expectations. As customers get used to new levels of service in their B2C transactions, their standards for online interactions in the B2B space increase as well.

Proactive B2B organizations are raising the bar on their business customer experience with asimplified approach to sales and streamlined support processes across their digital channels. Savvy use of the B2B data they can mine from these interactions can also be used to reinforce brand loyalty and increase sales. If your B2B organization has already implemented similar steps, you may be wondering, “What’s next?” in the unending quest for simplification. The answer is implementing a robust Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution. Streamlining your B2B processes with a CPQ solution drives a range of benefits for your organization, but here we’ll focus on three of the outcomes that seem to be most popular with our B2B clients:

B2B Benefit #1: CPQ Shifts Your Sales Team’s Focus from Product to Customer

When your system automatically manages Bill of Materials details like available parts, items, assemblies and acceptable configurations on its own, it frees up your team’s time to concentrate on the customer’s journey beyond the sale. Those improved interactions get noticed by the customer, strengthen the relationship and improve loyalty.

B2B Benefit #2: CPQ’s CX Intelligence Increases the Speed of Your Processes

By harnessing the power of data syndication, quote creation becomes faster and easier. Dynamic, individually tailored pricing models allow B2B teams to create custom product configurations and see allowable promotional discounts with just a few quick clicks.

B2B Benefit #3: Unifying Commerce Enhances Customer Profitability

Using your CPQ solution to merge procure-to-pay through supplier management can create fantastic outcomes for your business.

Have these three benefits of CPQ for B2B organizations piqued your interest? Discover other advantages in our on-demand webinar: Make the Complex Simple. 

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