Conduit helps B2B manufacturers and distributers tackle their biggest commerce challenges. Condense launch timelines. Introduce continuous innovation. Reduce operational risk. All while tapping into the power of composable-as-a-service.

Have you outgrown your commerce solution, or maybe your commerce solution is hindering your growth? Conduit for commercetools lets your business take advantage of the versatility of composable commerce unlike any other industry solution.

  • Accelerate throughout the commerce solution lifecycle – Conduit is much more than a simple accelerator. Sure, Conduit offers a pre-composed solution that enables business to launch a fully functional commerce storefront in 60-90 days. It also offers the flexibility and extensibility complex B2B solutions require, so businesses can go beyond the pre-integrated solutions to integrate with any system. The solution’s architecture also enables software updates to be packaged and delivered so you can continually add the latest features, patches, and functionality.
  • Composable to fit your specific business vision and goals – Conduit is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Conduit comprises three tightly orchestrated solutions: a fully atomic Portable Experience System, a Core Engine to encapsulate business-focused customizations, and an Integration Layer with pluggable mapping capability. Take advantage of the complete solution or use only the parts you need to meet your goals. The choice is yours.
  • True B2B Commerce – From the first line of code, Conduit was built for B2B. We understand the complex business use cases that must be met. The operational intricacies that need to be simplified wherever possible. The unique buyer journeys manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers need to deliver to their customers. Conduit was conceived and built with B2B in mind.

Case Studies

Reach out to schedule a demo of the Conduit demo storefront and see composable-as-a-service in action. 

  • Launch in 60-90 days
  • Infinitely extensible
  • Pre-composed search & headless CMS
  • Defined enhancement roadmap
  • Ongoing Packaged updates
  • Turnkey composable commerce

Watch our webinar on Conduit.

“It’s exciting to see industry partners like Smith driving innovation within the commercetools ecosystem. Their approach to bringing composable commerce to B2B companies not only

provides merchants with a rapid start offering, it adds value throughout their digital transformations,”

Kelly Goetsch, Chief Strategy Officer at commercetools
Rob Miller

Connect with Rob Miller, Customer Growth Officer, to learn how our partnerships can help boost your commerce results.