Condensing The Path to Composable for B2B: An Executive Conversation


Complex B2B commerce operations require smarter solutions to drive long-term business value. While the specifics vary across industries and businesses, the core questions are often the same. How do we…

  • Maximize ROI on our commerce & tech investments?
  • Erase technical debt and move from a monolithic to a best-of-need, composable solution?
  • Increase operational efficiency while cutting ongoing costs?
  • Enable continuous enhancement of our digital experiences?

We dig in and dive deep on some of today’s most pressing composable commerce topics:

  • Where to start on the path to composable
  • Paying off technical debt
  • Big Shift or moving incrementally to composable
  • Accelerators vs lifecycle products
  • Composable-as-a-Service (introducing Conduit)
  • Composable myths & misconceptions