Case Study Travel and Tourism

Infusing a High-End Boutique Website with Digital Performance


increase in combined leads YOY


increase in new users to the site YOY


increase in “Reserve Now” completions YOY

Website Development

The Challenge

A unique boutique hotel—a historical gem—serves travelers in Columbus, Ohio. While the hotel is part of Marriott Hotels’ Autograph Collection series, its reputation is distinctive, offering a one-of-a-kind experience elite travelers expect. Unfortunately, the hotel’s website—its digital front door—failed to deliver on customer expectations, yielding under-performing KPIs, fewer bookings, and underperforming website traffic.

The Approach

Understanding a boutique hotel required our strategists to get inside the minds of their consumers. It’s essential to understand who they are, what they enjoy, how they behave online, and what they’re searching for. The data revealed the hotel didn’t need a website redesign to improve performance. Instead, it needed a digital facelift on the pages that matter most and a digitally enabled ecosystem—including off-site link building and paid ads—that guided target audiences toward the website.

Real Results