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The Situation

The client is recognized as a top law firm in the region, with a team of attorneys that are subject matter experts in a broad catalog of practice areas. As their team expanded into a new practice area, defamation, the Smith team jumped in to work with the firm experts to establish expertise and thought leadership in order to increase new cases and revenue. The project required the creation of distinct web pages for the practice area, prioritizing and drafting content spanning Harassment, Privacy Claims, and Defamation topics, and search engine optimization to position new content for immediate searchability impact in a relatively untapped market category.

The Transformation

By developing an optimized net new Defamation practice area page, and establishing a content marketing strategy inclusive of data-driven calendaring and SEO best practices, Smith helped the firm carve out its share of voice in Defamation, generating strong organic impressions and clicks and increasing Defamation revenue YoY. By project’s end, with eight months of content in market, organic Defamation impressions accounted for 35% of the site’s total in that time; organic Defamation clicks accounted for 7% of the site’s total in that time; the Defamation practice page accounted for 15% of all impressions for practice pages; Annual Defamation revenue increased 162% YoY.

The Work

A net new Defamation practice page would act as the natural progression point for blog readership, a hub of generalized information for prospective clients, and a crucial conversion intersection with prompts to the submission form, local map, and associated attorney email and phone. Crafting a page that would satisfy these goals and rank with relative immediacy necessitated a reimagined practice area design that could house FAQs and substantial copy blocks, additional CTAs, and “success stories” tiles to qualify prospects.

Content Marketing and SEO strategies hit the ground running with rounds of aptly timed Defamation-related publications that were peer-reviewed and backed by search data. Over the course of eight months, 35 informative thought leadership articles were published, fueled by a data-driven content calendar, SEO-friendly copywriting and technical SEO support.

Real Results

Content marketing strategy inclusive of data-driven calendaring and SEO best practices leads to growing revenue.

In just 8 months, the Defamation practice page represents 15% of all impressions for practice pages – the 3rd highest of all practice area pages

Defamation-related article impressions represented 35% of the site-wide total

Defamation-related organic clicks represented 7% of the site’s organic clicks

162% Increase in Revenue for Defamation YoY

Organic email sign-up conversions were up 24% YoY

Organic phone call conversions were up 63% YoY