Case Study Regional Cancer Hospital

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The Situation

Smith developed a great relationship and partnership with the marketing team at a top regional healthcare institution in 2014. About one year after engaging with their team and driving results via digital, we received a call from the marketing team responsible for one of their largest service lines. This team, responsible for promoting all cancer-related services, had heard about our work and wanted to partner with us.

The Transformation

Their goal was to increase patient lead volume for various cancer treatment services by utilizing a holistic approach that incorporated paid media, organic search optimization, conversion optimization and UX experience.

The Work

Initially, our work focused on boosting traffic to the cancer-specific website to increase patient leads. Shortly after we launched a campaign that used a mix of paid search, organic search and content strategy, we saw significant growth in traffic and conversions. As traffic grew, we developed a user testing plan to gain insights into how the site could better serve its audience segments. This research, in addition to the specific business needs of our client, identified a significant opportunity for redesigning the UX to better align with the needs of its users and further increase the conversion rate. Following the subsequent site redesign, we developed a conversion optimization program and continued an iterative test-and-learn process to increase performance consistently.

The Issues We Solved.

Our team partnered with our client to achieve their goals.

The hospital was facing significantly increased competition in brand awareness both regionally and nationally, especially in the areas of research, clinical trials and treatment outcomes.

A new creative brand platform had been launched and needed to be infused
into digital marketing channels.

Driving new patient acquisition through digital channels like paid media and SEO represented a significant new opportunity for revenue growth for the hospital.

Multiple opportunities existed to improve internal reporting and analytics throughout the healthcare system about website traffic and engagement, SEO performance and other key metrics.

The website needed to be redesigned to provide a better user experience reflective of the brand, focus on four primary user groups and elevate content more effectively.

Ongoing SEO emphasizing localized search represented new areas for growth as the hospital began to expand further and offer more services in new locations.

Real Results