Case Study Regional Bank

Higher performing SEO outcomes driven by agency integration across multiple banking business units


growth in organic traffic since 2018


of all site visits driven by organic search


of all conversions attributed to organic search

Conversion Optimization, Digital PR, Measurement Analytics, SEO, Strategy

The Situation

To better establish market differentiation and category ownership, one of the largest banks in the Midwest region launched a new product under a branded name. Historically, more generic, natural language search used by consumers meant the potential for a near-term decline in product search performance.

Smith was brought in to quickly assess the situation and develop a solution to minimize the bank’s SEO recover period and return their prior search performance as quickly as possible.

Our Perspective

Product name and page copy changes, without an SEO plan, would lead to the removal of critical consumer search language and negatively affect search relevance and results. Helping to drive strategic alignment between multiple business units, Smith worked to ensure all respective objectives would be met while returning search performance to expected levels as rapidly as possible.

The Work

SEO strategies included a full funnel approach that integrated with Paid Search, Digital PR and eCommerce Optimization to amplify findability, impressions and conversion rates. Key consumer search terms were aggressively re-seeded and Smith collaborated across content development teams to update new product information and retire outdated product mentions.

Screenshot of regional bank's website.

The Issues We Solved.

Smith’s assessment revealed specific challenges and opportunities across the website and campaigns in-market.

A search performance recovery plan was put in place to minimize the downstream effect of retiring high ranking product pages in favor of a new, branded offering.

Alignment on a recovery strategy allowed re-seeding of key search terms to begin quickly.

SEO recommendations factored in Paid Search, Digital PR and Conversion Optimizations to amplify and speed recovery.

Recovered performance losses in just 3 months and realized additional incremental growth over the prior year.

Introduced enterprise-wide initiatives to help Lines of Business (LoB) owners maintain site performance and stability while continuing to be responsive and collaborative with other business unit needs.

Real Results