Case Study National Insurance Company

Conversion Optimization Drives Timely Business Results


increase in conversion rate in 90 days


additional customer revenue in 90 days

Conversion Optimization

The Challenge

An insurance brand was able to consistently grow traffic to the site and online enrollments over the past years, but saw that the majority of those who came to the site were leaving without requesting a quote. There was no evident differentiation between the brand and its competitors and customers were very conscious of price when researching different solutions.

The Approach

Smith conducted research to gain insights into why users were abandoning the site, how the brand could differentiate itself from the competition, and increase online enrolments. Through testing we uncovered that there was an opportunity for the brand to increase engagement on mobile devices, and that prospective customers were getting lost in the quote engine process, abandoning at all phases of the lead submission process. It was also uncovered that the creative on the site did not connect with users on an emotional level. As a result of the research, Smith built a testing, personalization, and optimization roadmap to combat the uncovered roadblocks.

Real Results