Case Study Global Fast-Food Giant

Architecture revamp enables anytime, anywhere transactions


increase in throughout


cost per transaction


transactions per year

Commerce Architecture, UX Design


They’re one of the world’s largest fast-food chains. We helped them create online and mobile ordering with incredible scalability.

A major roadblock stood in the way of one of the world’s largest fast food chains when their digital commerce infrastructure simply couldn’t keep up with the tasks that were required. In addition to needing a solution that could accommodate the company’s size, complexity, age, and operating model, there was a corporate mandate of no more than a penny per transaction, which meant that keeping the cost per transaction low was critical. That’s when they turned to us to deliver an ecommerce solution.

The Work

Following interviews and a detailed architecture review, we designed a future-proof, scalable, ecommerce architecture.

The new, service-based architecture uses a custom services layer to integrate information from legacy systems and enable new forms of ecommerce, including mobile ordering and delivery. This approach eliminated cost-prohibitive changes to existing back-end infrastructure. The solution also uses both SQL and NoSQL data stores to capitalize on each language’s specific strengths.

According to the client, Smith not only “achieved the impossible,” with the solution they developed, but they did it faster than they ever thought possible.

Real Results

In addition to enabling one billion transactions per year at less than $0.005, the new solution drove other key process improvements, including:

  • Taking throughput from 7% to 165% and achieving improved performance, scalability and reliability
  • Enabling upgrades that don’t interrupt current transactions, mitigating costs of system downtime during routine maintenance and system enhancement
  • Using auto-generated code to minimize maintenance costs and optimize performance