Case Study Buckeye Power Sales

Support for Multiple Lines of Business with a Cross-Channel Approach


Average Annual Growth Rate in Google Listing Actions


Increase in Organic Clicks to Resource Pages


Increase in Paid Traffic at a Lower CPC

Measurement Analytics, Paid Media, SEO, Website Development

The Situation

With deep roots in Ohio since 1947, a family-owned business quickly emerged as a prominent figure in the power and equipment industry, serving a wide range of residential and commercial customers. Offering everything from lawn and agriculture equipment to construction machinery and power generation services, a strong digital marketing strategy was imperative to meet the diverse needs of their audiences and stand out in a competitive market. 

Our solution? A collaborative, multi-channel approach combining SEO, paid media, and website development to drive increased visibility and conversions. By working closely with our team and our client, we were able to achieve impressive results out of the gate and haven’t slowed down since.

The Transformation

Through a unified approach and the implementation of a strong digital marketing strategy, the combined efforts of SEO and paid media have led to significant growth in search traffic and increased conversions across three business lines. With ongoing improvements to both on-site and off-site elements, we have established a comprehensive full-funnel approach to address every stage of the customer journey.

The Work

To achieve aggressive growth goals and launch new product lines, we completed rounds of customer and stakeholder interviews, competitive research, and auditing of the current digital footprint – all to inform a long-term content strategy and vision for three new websites.

With clear growth potential across their multiple lines of business, we tailored our approach, aligning the right channels and tactics with each offering. Now fast forward several years, the results speak volumes. Yet, this is far from the end of the journey.

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, revisiting, adjusting, and testing new strategies from a mix of paid search, organic search, and content development was essential for powering the organization’s growth. With three distinct business lines, each approach needed to be tailored to a specific intent as each customer has different needs and wants. Through additional research, our teams gained insights into search trends driving significant demand for highly seasonal product lines. This enabled us to align paid media and SEO efforts effectively, which led to maximum budget efficiency for customer acquisition.

The team employed new local SEO tactics and content updates to engage users, optimizing Google Business Profiles for top products. For their outdoor power equipment offerings, updates to location pages and navigations were made to promote seasonal features, boosting traffic to key pages. Category pages were refreshed with new copy, reviews, and product links. For power generation services, new resource content was created to provide expertise on a variety of generator-related topics.

One of Google’s recent advancements inspired the paid team to explore Performance Max campaigns for their outdoor power equipment sector. Focusing on individual locations, top brands, and lawn equipment options like mowers, this strategy aimed for a more personalized experience through enhanced audience segmentation to serve ads to the right people wherever they engage with content. Through continuous testing, the team achieved highly successful conversion performance.

The Issues We Solved.

Through a cross-channel approach, our team partnered with our client to deliver outstanding results.

With distinct lines of business, different audience needs required specific paid and SEO strategies to align with user behavior.

Paid search efforts increased in effectiveness and conversions, with new opportunities to target audiences through additional channels.

Ongoing maintenance and optimization of Google Business Profiles presented a significant local opportunity for generating calls and direction requests.

Exploring website updates, such as new modules, pages, and content creation has improved the user experience, benefiting both SEO and paid strategies.

Real Results