Case Study AAA Ohio

Driving Membership Growth with a Cross-Channel Plan


Decrease in CPA from paid social


Increase in insurance quote requests from paid media


Increase in travel agent appointments from organic search

Measurement Analytics, Paid Media, SEO, Strategy

The Situation

With an aging customer base and growing competition, AAA Ohio Auto Club (AAA) tasked our team with increasing customer acquisition through both membership growth (primary product line) and secondary service offerings such as auto and home insurance. We took on the challenge of appealing to a new generation, with particular focus on growing market share among millennial drivers.

The Transformation

Our expertise across the whole digital landscape—including organic and paid channels—was the key to breaking down channel silos and driving efficiency with marketing dollars. The cross-channel plan allowed the team to customize the right channel mix for each business unit. We focused SEO efforts in growth areas like home and auto insurance, leading to 146% YoY lead growth. While leveraging audience data and creative testing to decrease CPA by 73% through paid social advertising.

The Work

When the Adept team started digging in with AAA Ohio Auto Club—and when the data began speaking to us, as it often does— it quickly became clear that there were growth opportunities across multiple product lines and that the key to success would be matching the right channels and tactics to these offerings.

The search teams, with expertise in organic and paid, worked together to better understand which search queries were driving efficient customer growth and which queries were burning through budget with limited return. From there, the teams were able to focus SEO and content creation efforts in new growth areas, such as home and auto insurance, while also supplying the paid search team with relevant content for paid query targets. The combination approach led to both significant improvement in paid search CVR and ROAS, as well as net new traffic and lead growth from organic search.

With the search teams driving value across multiple product lines, the paid social team was able to focus on high-opportunity areas, rather than spreading campaigns too thin. The renewed strategic focus, in addition to the use of customer data to build highly targeted user funnels, led to decreased CPA each year from 2021 to 2023.

The Issues We Solved.

18% customer growth and 73% decrease in CPA with a cohesive, cross-channel plan.

A cohesive cross-channel plan led to improved efficiencies across each digital acquisition channel.

Paid search efforts increased in effectiveness and ultimately lowered ROAS.

SEO focus on growth product lines led to 146% growth in home and auto insurance leads.

The success of the digital campaigns allowed AAA Ohio Auto Club to readjust budgets from traditional channels to digital programs.

Real Results