Week of August 7th – Smith’s Commerce Recap


Beauty sales continue to grow… and grow… 

What is so interesting about this article is that the revenue is increasing much faster in specific areas like prestige hair care. Social media and influencer marketing have made it easier for people to discover new products and trends, contributing to the industry’s growth. Add in all the fantastic Search capabilities and tools now available for Retailers, and it’s become a game changer. That Influencer highlights a product on a social channel, and the next step is to search – who has it, and where can I get it?  

Another driving force behind this trend is the increased focus on self-care and mental health. People are turning to beauty products to care for themselves and feel better physically and mentally. There are also many “try-on” Apps. I love Ulta Beauty and SEPHORA for allowing people to try on colors of lipstick/makeup that they usually would not have tried.  

Overall, it’s fascinating to see how the beauty industry has evolved in response to the pandemic, and I’m excited to see where it goes from here. 

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College Campus Pop Up Stores  

Congratulations on a great partnership between Follett Higher Education and The Container Store! I think opening a pop-up at 36 Follett College campus bookstores is a great idea! 
I just spent the weekend moving one college student and prepping another for this weekend. As we were moving, my Retail brain was going wild with ideas – how could a company develop a “typical” dorm room layout, and precisely what would/could be needed to achieve greatness? An App to help the student create their particular dorm room? Figuring out how to organize the food and drink situation for a small fridge and counter area…and so much more. 
To continue on that path, email, or SMS a parent with what a student could use for their room and make it for an easy pickup – BOPIS at its best. You can then use that Customer list to expand for holidays and move again at the end of the school year. You could create a way to recycle the items for incoming Freshman…So many options. 

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B2B Buyer Preferences  

If you like data and are in a B2B Business, this article is for you. 
The article is about B2B buyer preferences and could easily take you and your team down a rabbit hole. I find it amazing that just over 50% of B2B Buyers purchase on behalf of their company every single day. Plus, almost one-third of those B2B Buyers make a purchase multiple times daily. 
Notably, research shows that B2B buyers are consistent in where they like to place their initial orders. What a great discussion with your team – how do you make that buyer want to stay with your company? Product details, pricing, and content are just a few that can impact your customer’s purchase now and in the future. 

Something that we love to do at Smith Commerce is discuss your business, your content, and data, and how it is presented. Incredibly, minor changes can have major impacts on your customer’s experience. Of course, your SEO and Marketing strategy must also be on par.  

I’d love to hear your opinion on this article and if you feel the same way!  

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