Smith Values Diversity and Inclusion and Stands with Black Lives Matter


(Dayton, OH) – June 15, 2020 – Over the past few weeks, people across our countries have stood up in support of equality and against systemic racism and police brutality. Racism and prejudice impact the lives of so many in our communities, and we take Smith’s social and corporate responsibility to address this injustice very seriously.

As a company that values diversity, inclusion and fairness, we firmly believe Black Lives Matter. We have no tolerance for racial discrimination at Smith. We are committed to ensuring all aspects of our business foster safe, inclusive environments where everyone is welcome, feels welcome, and all voices are heard and respected equally.

We have actively listened, reflected and are now ready to move forward with purpose. We know that corporate statements without action don’t create lasting change. Our next steps will focus on understanding and enabling change – within our company and ourselves.

Our first priority is to encourage conversations that will help every member of the Smith team uncover and understand the bias that exists. We will create a safe place to acknowledge this bias, and a culture where people feel empowered to dismantle it. Next, we will focus on continuous improvement, specifically targeting our policies and procedures.

In the weeks ahead we will conduct an external review to help us transform our organization’s rules and regulations from ‘non-racist’ to ‘anti-racist.’ While we acknowledge that we don’t have it all figured out, we are committed to learn and change together to create an organization that is better for everyone.

About Smith

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