Smith Releases ‘Composable-as-a-Service’ Offering to Enhance commercetools Deployments Across the Digital Lifecycle


Columbus, OH – Smith, the leading performance commerce agency, today announced the launch of Conduit, an infinitely extensible, fully scalable B2B- focused solution for the commercetools platform. Creating a new class of product, Composable-as-a-Service (CaaS), Conduit not only enables expedited launch cycles in as few as 60-90 days, Conduit adds functional value at each phase of the commerce solution lifecycle.

Conduit gives B2B companies across industries the ability to deliver on the promise of composable faster. With pre-built reference integrations, data models, and storefront, Conduit provides the IP and framework to condense the initial development phase by 50%-75%. This means that even B2B companies operating complex business models can move from kick-off to go-live in two to three months. This nimble, CaaS approach lowers total cost of ownership, condenses time-to-value, and jumpstarts digital transformation, without losing sight of the fact that launching a high-performing commercetools digital commerce experience is only the beginning.

To add value across the digital commerce lifecycle, Conduit was created to be much more than an accelerator. From discovery and conversion to post-purchase and end-customer administration, Conduit engages business buyers at every phase of their journey. At its core, Conduit is comprised of three distinct, decoupled layers, all orchestrated via a platform backbone. This enables a modular approach to extensibility, in which any layer can be swapped, extended, or customized in insolation without downstream impacts. This provides manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers with numerous tangible business benefits as conduit simplifies ongoing commerce operations.

  • A truly composable foundational architecture
  • Infinite extensibility across the digital commerce tech stack
  • A defined roadmap for feature enhancement and backlog prioritization
  • Release versioning to support ongoing updates

“With Conduit, we have developed a means for B2B brands to take advantage of commercetools like never before. Purpose-built for the inherent complexities of B2B commerce, our Composable-as-a-Service approach allows businesses to be future-ready and able to adapt rapidly to changing customer and market needs.” said Ryan Heusinkveld, CTO at Smith.

“It’s exciting to see industry partners like Smith driving innovation within the commercetools ecosystem. Their approach to bringing composable commerce to B2B companies not only provides merchants with a rapid start offering, it adds value throughout their digital transformations,” said Kelly Goetsch, Chief Strategy Officer at commercetools.

For a deeper dive into Conduit for commercetools, Request to see a demo of the Conduit Storefront. Contact us today.

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