July Commerce Recap


Grocery and Planning for the Future:

Did anyone attend the GroceryTech Conference in Cincinnati, OH, last month? We’d love to hear what you got from it, what you wish was included, or share your experience.

This article has an interesting take on spending for the future. It demonstrates the trade-offs and a close split for spending on the backend vs. customer-facing. It’s a dilemma for a Retailer to spend on the backend, as the perception is that nothing was done to enhance the experience. Quite often, this needs a true collaborative meeting to decide what is necessary versus what is wanted and balance the long-term goals. Often, if you focus too much on the backend, the Customer does not feel heard because they can’t see the immediate changes or results.

At Smith Commerce, we like to help you take the time to evaluate your current strategy and make the necessary updates to stay competitive in the ever-changing retail landscape. We take the time to learn your particular pain points and how to address them in a way that can show immediate and long-term results. This can be a workshop with the appropriate pillars in your organization or Consulting on what you have already deemed as imperative to your organization.

Progressive Grocer: Grocery’s Biggest Opportunity

Security and Cart Correlation:

Cart abandonment is a considerable topic in Monday morning recap meetings. When did the customer abandon? Did we have any issues on the site last week? Etc.

This article states that almost 50% of those surveyed said that security reasons are why they abandoned their cart. We often don’t think of it from a security angle – are we asking too much? Not enough? Does the checkout page look strange (consider odd fonts)? I know I’ve done the same several times, especially when checking out on mobile. Asking for too much information upfront can confuse Customers and give them a feeling of insecurity. Lastly, if the mobile experience is poor, that can also be considered a red flag for some Customers.

At Smith Commerce, we utilize Technology, Creative, and Strategy to review the checkout experience and make recommendations based on your customer’s needs, wants, and fears. Sometimes, a critical eye can see when something is “unusual” or could come across as a security issue, whether real or perceived. We like to understand the bigger picture to help you address any cart abandonment issues you may have.

Chain Store Age: Survey: Nearly 50% of cart abandonment tied to security concerns

Another Great Example of OmniChannel Update:

Exciting news, JOANN™ Stores has improved its BOPIS service utilizing Radius Network’s FlyBuy Solution. Customers can now enjoy reduced store wait times and increased communication regarding merchandise readiness. We know from experience that this seems easy to do but hard to get right. Kudos to JOANN Stores for enhancing the customer experience!

As a retailer, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting customer needs. With the rise of technology and the increasing popularity of online shopping, it’s more important than ever to have a strong omnichannel strategy in place. You can increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing a seamless experience across all channels.

We’ve learned from our experience that you must include all pillars of your organization. Frequently, a company can roll out a new experience like BOPIS and not realize its impact on Store Operations. The .com world is now counting on the Store Personnel to handle incoming orders, find the product, respond in a timely manner, and prep for the Customer. They then need to be able to quickly get that product for the Customer when they enter the location while helping the Customers that are currently in the store. This can be a huge headache and cause additional costs that were not intended. It’s a fine balance between Technology, Stores, Customer Service, and Operations.

Chain Store Age: Joann unifies management of BOPIS, curbside pickup with AI