SAP Commerce Cloud Migration: It’s About More Than the Move


Anyone who has ever made an investment in their dream home knows there’s much more to the process than simply calling in the movers. Without properly planning and purging your old belongings and repairing and optimizing your new space, you’re basically paying a lot of money to transport the problems of your old house to a new (and likely more expensive) location.

If migrating your SAP commerce system to the cloud is on your company’s digital to-do list in the months ahead, partnering with Smith will ensure that the move you’re about to make doesn’t simply shift your old problems into a pricier new setting.

Smith-led Commerce Cloud Migrations are powered by a cross-functional team of technology, strategy, creative and managed support experts. Using Smith’s proven Upgrade and Migration process, they dive deep into how your company operates to develop a custom Move-to-Cloud plan. Smith’s team takes a laser-like focus on optimizing the tools you’ve invested in to contribute to your highest priority business outcomes. That puts your company on a path toward massive revenue lift.

Rather than just “moving your boxes” from one system to another, SMITH works with your team to create a “dream home” commerce system. As your SAP Commerce Cloud system is optimized to help your company achieve priority outcomes and work smarter, better and faster, results quickly follow, including:

  • Savings in technology and administration expenses
  • Accelerated brand and regional expansions
  • Faster rollout of new features
  •  Better growth performance metrics
  • Easier omni-channel operations
  • Reduced downtime

Interested in learning more about how to optimize your SAP Commerce Cloud migration to drive better business results in 2021?

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