How to #BeLikeRuby


A few seasons back, a small team of employees at Smith accepted the challenge of sharing our company’s story in a fresh, new way. The medium was their choice, but the message had to communicate the unique way Smith is able to work with our clients because of the different way our company chooses to operate.

At Smith, we often hear from new clients when their business is encountering a lemon. Those face-puckering kinds of challenges don’t scare us. In fact, they’re what make us bound out of bed each day eager to get our hands dirty. Smith’s small size and boutique-agency approach allow us to get closer with our clients faster to understand their challenges, increasing the speed of change and results.

At its core, the Smith story always comes back to how well-intentioned smarts and hearts will always beat out the competition. As the team brainstormed the best way to tell that story, they knew a flashy slide deck or a perfectly polished elevator pitch just wouldn’t cut it.

Instead, the team opted to tell Smith’s story through the lens of Ruby, an eager young entrepreneur who is struggling to make her business more profitable. Ruby’s story doesn’t just illustrate the level of heart that Smith brings to every project. In telling this story, the team also injected a hidden message that speaks to the fact that we are truly a family in everything we do. The young Ruby character is played by the daughter of one of the employees who worked on the video.

Although a few years have passed since this video was completed, it continues to inspire a sense of pride for the team who created it and the rest of our company. It serves as a reminder that at Smith, when lemons present themselves, no matter how big or small, we lean on our work family to find creative ways to squeeze something sweet from the situation.

Watch the video for yourself and if you’d like to empower your company to #BeLikeRuby, schedule a call and let’s talk about the possibilities.