2023 Trends and What it Means for Your B2B Composable Journey Webinar


Explore the speed, agility, and customization advantages with Smith and guest Forrester. 

Join Smith EVP, Strategic Consulting, Liz Duggan, Chief Delivery and Technology Officer, Ryan Heusinkveld, and featured speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Joe Cicman, for a one-hour discussion that may shape the course of your operations this year.

With a sneak peek at Forrester’s trends for 2023, you’ll get a glimpse of operational challenges to watch out for and hear how composable commerce could help you navigate them.

At its core, composable commerce is a development philosophy based on MACH architecture (Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native, Headless). Understandably, these conversations are typically tech-led. Until now. Don’t miss this opportunity to examine composable commerce with a business lens.

Whether your organization is ready for a complete digital transformation or incremental improvements in your consumer experience, you’ll learn how this modular, open, flexible, and business-focused approach delivers better outcomes. You’ll see why so many companies are choosing to leave behind the all-in-one solution mindset for this just-the-right-ones approach.

Interested in learning more about how to optimize your digital experiences to drive better business results?

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