Jeni’s Customer Service is Splendid


Jeni’s Ice Creams customer service is as splendid as their sweets. Learn about my experience and how they earned my trust and loyalty.

Like many of you, my family spent Christmas at home alone. So it was important to me to send gifts to our extended family members that would fill their hearts and bellies. Jeni’s Ice Cream was a perfect choice. The company’s unique flavors and distinctive packaging are Instagram worthy, and everyone loves ice cream. I placed my order a couple of weeks before December 25 and received an email confirmation with an expected delivery date. Delicious! But the gift never arrived.

On Sunday, I contacted Jeni’s customer service via email and received this first communication:

“Thank you for your message. If you experienced an issue with your order or have a question, our Customer Advocate Team will be back in touch as soon as possible to make it right—and then some. Please accept our apologies until then.”

The tone of the message struck the right chord immediately. I trusted Jeni’s would correct the problem and go above and beyond to make me happy. I expected to hear back from Jeni’s during the typical Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. timeframe. Alas, Hannah, a member of Team Jeni’s, got back to me within 15 minutes.

“Thank you so much for reaching out, and I extend our profuse apologies for your experience with this delivery.”

She then provided details about my shipment and gave me three options to fix the problem: a refund, store credit, or re-shipment of the gift with expedited shipping.

“I will try my best to proceed in whatever direction you prefer, we just want to make it right for you. Again, I extend our profuse and sincere apologies for all inconvenience experienced.”

Brand trust is earned when things go right and when things don’t go as planned. I was disappointed my package didn’t arrive, but I feel even more loyal to Jeni’s because of how they treated me. They responded quickly (unlike most companies that make customers wait until typical business hours) and served up solutions, not excuses. They took responsibility for the situation and made it right—and then some. That’s splendid!

There are many opportunities for brands to build trust, and exceptional customer service is one of them. If your company regularly communicates with customers through email, take a moment to examine your process and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you provide a timely response, or do you make customers wait?
  • Do you strike the right voice and tone with your communication? Is it human?
  • Do you answer questions directly and offer solutions?
  • Do you make excuses or blame others?
  • Is your team trained to respond in a certain way, or is there a lack of consistency?

If you have customers, you will experience challenges. How you handle them makes all the difference. Jeni’s builds trust by delivering sweet service every time.